photo by Rich(Rich Photo Club)

●斉藤 良(drums) 
1978年広島市出身。7歳から和太鼓、12歳でジャズドラムに転向。16歳で市内のジャズクラブで清水末寿グループのドラマーとしてプロデビュー。19歳で上京後、鈴木勲、本田竹広、高橋知己、加藤真一等のグループに参加。2010年、初のリーダーバンド「秘宝感」を結成し、同年アルバムリリース。その後はジャズやブラジル音楽を中心に、小野リサ、saigenji、orange pekoe、tryphonic、松下美千代Trio、DOMADORAなど多岐に渡る活動を繰り広げる。

Drummer Ryo Saito was born in Hiroshima in 1978.
He started playing wadaiko (Japanese traditional drums) at the age of 7, and at the age of 12 began playing jazz drums.
At 16, he made his debut as a drummer with the Sumizu Suetoshi Group in Hiroshima City.
He moved to Tokyo at 19, where he joined many bands,and played with such artists as Isao Suzuki, Takehiro Honda, Tomoki Takahashi and Shinichi Kato.
In 2010, he formed his own group called "Hihoukan", and released his first album that same year.
Now he plays a wide range of music including jazz and Brazilian with Lisa Ono, Saigenji, tryphonic, and so on.